About us

The Higher Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine was formed by a Presidential decree issued by President Mahmoud Abbas on 05/23/2012. This is the first time that an independent committee is established in Palestine to follow up on the affairs of churches and Christian places of worship, whether: legal, institutional, or real estate, to promote the principles of full equality in front of the law and to build a state of equal citizenship for all the Palestinians. The Committee performs its functions in accordance with directives by the Palestinian Presidency and in cooperation with local official institutions, and on regional and international levels.


The Committee is chaired by Hanna Amireh, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and membership of:

  1. Dr. Ramzi Khoury, Minister, the general director of the Palestine National Fund, as vice chairman of the Presidential Committee.
  2. Dr. Reyad Malkee Minister of Foreign Affairs. Represented by Ambassador Rawan Abu Yusuf.
  3. Mr. Ziad Bandak, Minister, President’s advisor.
  4. Mr. Adnan Husseini, Minister and Governor of Jerusalem.
  5. Mr.  Shukree Bsharah, Minster of Finance.
  6. Ms. Rula Ma’ya, Minister of Tourism.
  7. Dr. Majdi Al-Khalidi, President's advisor for diplomatic affairs.
  8. Dr. kholoud D’aibes, State of Palestine’s ambassador in Germany.
  9. Mr.  Issa Kasseessieh, State of Palestine’s ambassador to the Vatican.
  10. Dr. Bernard Sabella, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
  11. Ms. Vera Baboon, Mayor of Bethlehem.   
  12. Mr.  Mousa Hadeed, Mayor of Ramallah.

The Higher Committee has decided in its session on the 30th of March 2015 to form a sub-committee for studies & researches to help in presenting advisory assessments to consolidate the role of the Higher Committee and its activities. The sub-Committee’s members are: Rev. Dr. Mitry Raheb , Father Firas Areedah, Dr. Varsain Aghabikian, Mr. Sami Elyousef, and  Mr. Yousef Daher.